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Are you tired of trusting hair growth & restoration products and techniques that claim big but fall short on results? It's time that you look out for new techniques like PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy that triggers the natural growth of hair.

An effective hair loss treatment, PRP therapy boosts natural hair growth and maintains it by enhancing the supply of blood to the follicles of your hair. In addition to this, platelet-rich plasma therapy demonstrates efficacy to increase the thickness of the hair shaft.

Why Choose PRP Therapy?

  • An immunologically neutral process, PRP therapy has no risk of hypersensitivity, allergies, or foreign-body reactions.
  • This medical procedure is safe and effective for patients who have an underlying medical condition that makes them prone to infection.
  • It suits both men and women.
  • There are no noticeable marks left of the PRP injections.
  • Patients can expect fuller and healthier looking hair after the treatment.
  • PRP therapy for hair loss helps in increasing hair density and thickness while also improving the terminal/vellus hair ratio.
  • Individuals treated with PRP treatment experience terminal/miniaturised hair ratio improvement, epidermal thickness, and cell proliferation.
  • The remodelling of dermo-epidermal tissue gets improved with the PRP therapy for hair loss.
  • An increase in bulge stem cell niches is noticed after PRP therapy.
  • PRP has the ability to induce the proliferation of dermal papilla cells (hair follicles).
  • Overall positive satisfaction is achieved by patients.

To understand how PRP therapy for hair loss works, it is important to be first aware of the role that platelets play in the process of healing.

Platelets can be defined as a component of blood along with white and red blood cells. The platelets are some of the "first responders" of the body when we sustain a wound or cut. They arrive to stop the bleeding and promote healing. It is theorized by researchers that the process of healing could be accelerated if concentrated platelets could be extracted and injected into damaged areas of the body.

PRP includes a range of proteins and growth factors that speed tissue repair. This is the primary reason why PRP is considered a “promising” treatment for hair loss, especially for individuals with androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. It is worthwhile to remember that growth factors have the ability to activate the proliferative phase and transdifferentiation of hair and stem cells.

By doing this, they produce new follicular units. FGF2, also known as the basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), is reported to stimulate the promotion of in vitro proliferation of papilla cells and therefore plays the all-important role when it comes to elongating the hair shaft. Furthermore, activated platelet-rich plasma has the potential of significantly promoting the proliferation of dermal papillary cells and preventing their apoptosis.

It is because of these and countless other reasons that platelet-rich plasma therapy has already attracted attention in orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and cardiac surgery due to its potential use in rapid healing, decreased chance of scars and hypertrophic keloids, and skin rejuvenating effects.

Right candidate for PRP treatment in Delhi

An ideal candidate for a PRP Treatment in Delhi should have the following characteristics:

  • They should be suffering from androgenic alopecia or other forms of alopecia like male or female pattern baldness
  • Females who experience hair loss due to menopause can get also a PRP hair treatment in Delhi.
  • If you are suffering from hair loss due to excess stress, you may be a good candidate for a PRP hair treatment in Delhi.

In addition to the above mentioned characteristics, you can also opt for a PRP Treatment in Delhi if you have recently begun to experience the thinning of hair or hair fall. Furthermore, the right candidate for a PRP Treatment in Delhi must be between the ages of 18 and 72 years.

PRP Therapy Process

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss, which is regarded as a promising adjuvant treatment modality for androgenic alopecia, is a three-step process and usually requires three treatments that are performed 4-6 weeks apart.

Step 1:
The plastic surgeon or his or her team would draw your blood, usually from your arm, and then it will be out into a centrifuge that is a machine that spins at a rapid pace for separating fluids of varying densities.

Step 2:
Your blood will be separated into three layers (platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells) in the centrifuge. This is done by using soft spin first at the speed of 2000 rpm for 15 minutes and then hard spin at the speed of 4000 rpm for 20 minutes.

Step 3:
The platelet-rich plasma is drawn into a syringe and injected into the target areas of the scalp. The platelet-rich plasma has about five times the count of platelets that are found in blood and these platelets have Transforming growth factor, Platelet-derived growth factor, insulin-like growth factor 1, Keratinocyte growth factor, and Vascular endothelial growth factor.

However, it is important that you select the best PRP treatment for hair fall in Delhi by placing your trust in a reputed hair clinic that specialises in PRP treatment in Delhi.

Benefits of PRP treatment in Delhi

Some of the major benefits of a PRP Treatment in Delhi include:

  • TThe PRP treatment cost in Delhi is quite affordable and easy on the pockets.
  • A PRP hair treatment in Delhi stimulates the growth of new hair, thereby providing complete rejuvenation
  • It is a quick procedure with a relatively low downtime which means that the patient can immediately resume their day-to-day activities after the procedure.
  • A PRP hair treatment in Delhi is also quite minimally invasive.
  • It is quite a safe procedure and provides long-lasting results. This is because a PRP treatment uses the patient’s blood and cells to reverse their hair fall.
  • A PRP treatment is also quite effective in treating hair issues. Most patients begin to notice the results of this treatment within three months.
  • Since the PRP treatment does not involve any surgery, the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure

Cost of PRP Treatment in Delhi

The estimated cost of PRP therapy is Rs. 6,000-15,000 per session, although this may vary as the final cost is dependent on a series of factors, including but not limited to the experience of the dermatologist or reputation of the clinic, general and overall health of the patient, accommodation, medications, type of treatment performed, etc.

For PRP treatment in Delhi, it is recommended that you consult us as we have an impeccable record when it comes to PRP treatment for hair fall in Delhi NCR. Patients from all parts of the world trust us for the best PRP treatment.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from bald patches, hair thinning, or severe hair loss, it is time to embrace Platelet-rich plasma therapy. Contact us now for the best PRP treatment for hair fall in Delhi NCR. PRP treatment in Delhi NCR was never so easy, affordable, and safe.

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