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Dr Puneet Madan

The skin is our body's largest organ, requiring continual maintenance but frequently overlooked. Dr Puneet Madan pursued his passion and speciality in dermatology, intending to promote awareness about skincare and its different disorders and conditions. Dr Puneet is well-known in New Delhi as a premier dermatologist. With over 12 years of expertise in dermatology, he has treated countless patients and helped them overcome their skin and hair concerns. After completing his MBBS, he went on to do his MD in dermatology at Rohilkhand Medical College. Following his studies, he went on to work at some of India's top hospitals, where he was able to refine his abilities even more. Dr Puneet's extensive expertise qualifies him to treat any skin or hair issue with patients of any age.

Services offered:

Vitiligo treatment: Vitiligo is a complex and challenging disorder to cure. It has no physical repercussions, but it has a significant psychological impact on the patients. Dr Puneet is dedicated to vitiligo treatment and offers a comprehensive treatment plan.

Hormonal treatment for hair loss and acne: Dr Puneet thinks that a shift in the life cycle and a balance in hormones can treat various skin diseases, including hair loss and acne. He specialises in treating acne and hair loss caused by internal hormonal imbalances in the body.

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